Segway i2 vs. Segway x2: Your Detailed Comparison

Looking for a personal transporter to maneuver around a large workplace or move you from point A to point B? Then you probably already know that Segway is the best name in the business.

The Segway i2 and Segway x2 are two of Segway’s best-selling models. But with two of the most amazing models on the market, how can you be sure you’re buying the right one?

At prices that start at $5,999, the i2 and x2 are not entry-level personal transporters. These personal transportation devices are ideal for employers and transporter enthusiasts looking for a top-quality device.

They share many similar functions yet offer a variety of unique features. Before you buy, be sure to do your homework to decide which one is right for you.

We’ve identified the key features of the i2 and the x2 so you can understand the core differences between these two sought-after models. If you’re in the market for a personal transporter from Segway, read on for our detailed comparison of the i2 and x2.

Speed and Maneuverability

When it comes to speed and mobility, both models are detailed with a key feature: Roll Compensation. Roll Compensation enables both Segway models to provide forward and backward weight distribution.

Lean back and you move back. Lean forward and you move forward. As you increase your speed, Roll Compensation increases with you.

Both models can handle a maximum speed of 12.5mph. Both feature zero turning radius. On both models, the wheels can rotate in opposite directions.

So what’s the big difference?

The tires.

The i2 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The x2, on the other hand, is made for outdoor performance. With large wheels and wide tires with knobby treads, the x2 can handle rough and rugged terrain. The i2 is the perfect choice if you want to move indoors and ride on smooth, paved outdoor surfaces. The x2 lets you go off-road with ease.

Safety Factors

Segway x2 SE

Segway x2

Both the i2 and x2 offer high performance and include top-quality safety factors. Safety limiter, safety shutdown, and stick shake warning make these PTs extremely safe for personal use.

Have a tendency to want to go faster and faster? Speed limiter prevents you from being a daredevil and doing damage to your PT.

Get close to top speed and the safety limiter pushes the handlebar back, forcing you to slow down. You’ll never have to worry that you’re going too fast because the speed limiter won’t let you.

Safety shutdown will kick in any time the battery is dead. It also serves as a warning in case of any internal system failure.

To alert you that an automatic shutdown is about to occur, the balance indicator lights will flash. The InfoKey controller will display an angry face. And the stick shake warning will kick into gear.

Stick shake warning literally makes your handlebars shake if you’re approaching top speed. If you’re pushing the PT for more power than it can deliver, you’ll feel the shake.

If you accelerate or de-accelerate too quickly, you’ll feel the shake. And if you feel the shake before you step on, you’ll know your PT is not ready to balance.

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Weight and Portability

Segway i2 SE

Segway i2

Without its battery, the i2 weighs in at 82 pounds. With the battery attached, it tops out at about 105 pounds.

The x2, with its oversized tread wheels, weighs 96 pounds without the battery. The full x2 with a battery weighs 119 pounds. At these weights, the devices themselves are not exactly portable. But you certainly will be.

Neither model is safe for riders that weigh less than 100 pounds. 100 pounds is the minimum weight required for safe and proper balance and function.

Each model can handle a rider of up to 250 pounds, plus an extra 10 pounds of cargo weight on the handlebars. Neither will operate safely or effectively with a payload of over 260 total pounds.

Both the i2 and x2 offer an adjustable handlebar height for added function and safety. For easy storage and security, the handlebars and the LeanSteer Frame can be removed.

Battery Life

Regardless of which model you decide to buy, both will need to charge for a full 12 hours before their first use. Once you’ve given it the initial charge, the i2 and x2 take about 8 hours for a full charge.

On a full charge, the i2 will go 16-24 miles, expecting that you’ll be on smooth, solid terrain. With its capability to navigate rough terrain, the x2 will go 9-12 miles on a full charge. Both include a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Specs and Features

The tires are one of the main distinctions between the i2 and the x2. The i2 comes with standard tires, while the x2 boasts 21″ all-terrain tires that can take you off-road.

The footprint width also varies to accommodate the different tire configurations. The i2 footprint measures 25.5″ x 25″. The x2 footprint measures a bit bigger at 26.5″ x 33″ for added function and stability.

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The InfoKey Controller is a unique feature found on both models. With a dock on the handlebars, the InfoKey Controller offers an easy way to control and monitor your PT.

From the digital controller, you can power your PT on and off. You can switch from Balance mode to Standby mode. You can activate your security alarm. It detects errors, lets you keep an eye on your battery, and alerts you to all sorts of important warnings.

Segway i2 vs. x2 Price Comparison

If you’re looking for an inexpensive Segway, the i2 and x2 aren’t for you. The i2 has a $5,999 MSRP. The x2 MSRP is $6,499. But rest assured—these price points do reflect the high-quality performance of these PTs.

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So which model is right for you?

The Segway i2 is ideal for the PT enthusiast who wants a smooth, powerful way to move around. It’s also great for tour companies and large employers who want their guests and employees to maximize time and profitability.

The Segway x2 is best for outdoor riders and outdoor businesses will a lot of ground to cover. The all-terrain wheels ensure a safe and effective ride that can handle almost any situation.

Before you buy the Segway i2 or the Segway x2, consider where you’ll be riding. Note the differences in weight and portability. Decide if you want bigger tires or a smaller footprint.

Whichever model you choose, you’ll know that you’re getting the best Segway technology will all the features needed to keep you safe.

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