Segway i180: Your Comprehensive Review

It’s no secret that Segway has a lot of amazing personal transporters to choose from. But before you buy one, it’s important to do your research so you know you’re buying the one that’s right for you.

Today we’re breaking down the coveted i180, the most customizable of all the Segway models.

It has a long range and is known for its stable design, this model offers great cargo space and can operate on a variety of terrains. It’s a favorite among PT riders in urban settings as well as rugged off-road spaces.

Segway calls it their “most versatile and colorful model,” but all that customization doesn’t come cheap.

With a price tag that tops out at $4,995, it’s worth taking a hard look so you know all that it has to offer.

Segway i180: Customizability

What draws most people to the i180? A slew of customizable options. From the fenders to the wheels to the battery, you can customize this model to create the exact look you want.

The NiMH battery model costs $4,495. The lithium-ion battery model will run you $4,995. Once you decide on the battery and price range, you can start personalizing other details.

You can remove the fenders and swap them out for other colors. You can opt for the standard wheels or choose different patterns. Impact-resistant splash guards can be placed along the fender in forwarding, middle, or rear positions.

For the best spray protection, we recommend you position them in the rear.

The various accessories allow each rider to feel like they have a unique machine. The interchangeable parts can be easily found on

Segway i180: Battery Options

The battery you choose will affect the price, but there is a lot more to know before you decide which model to buy. The NiMH model will cost you $500 less than the Li-ion model, but it only offers an 8-12 mile range.

The Li-ion option offers a 15-24 mile range. Regardless of the battery type, it’s always best to store and charge your battery at room temperature to achieve the highest range.

The lithium-ion model is more expensive, but there’s one major distinction that we think justifies the higher price. Segway appears to have discontinued the NiMH battery.

So when yours runs its course, it might not be so easy to find a replacement. Currently, older models with the NiMH battery need a new software update to accept the new Li-ion battery pack.

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Comfort Options

A control shaft with a quick release offers height adjustability and allows you to fit your Segway into most car trunks. You also have the option to outfit the i180 with the commuter package.

The commuter package bundles comfort mats and a standard front case with a mount. It also includes a handlebar accessory mount base and a mount to hold your smartphone or tablet. Adding cargo accessories can also increase the carrying capacity by ten pounds.

Segway i180: Speed and Maneuverability

How fast does it go? 12.5 mph. How much does it weigh? About 83 pounds (lighter and easier to lift than the newer Segway X2 model).

How big are the tires? The tubeless and puncture-resistant stock tires measure 19″. They get excellent traction and encourage off-road use. You can enhance the tires with metal inserts for added style.

With a ground clearance of 3″ to 4″ in height, you can switch from smooth terrain to off-road terrain with ease. The 19″ x 25″ footprint takes up no more size than the average person. With a zero turn radius, you can turn on a dime.

Segway i180: Safety and Security Features

Segway i180Segway is a trusted brand known for taking safety seriously. There are several features that make it a safe and effective option for all users. The power assist function helps you maneuver up and down stairs.

You can’t ride in power assist mode, but once you’ve positioned it where you want it, it’s easy to switch to balance mode for riding. It also includes a mechanical parking stand that serves the purpose of a kickstand.

The parking stand makes it easy to mount and dismount and reduces the potential for falling.

To protect your investment from theft, the i180 includes 64-bit encoded security keys. But even with a security key, it’s always wise to park in a safe location. It also has a screen with a multicolor backlit LCD display for easy visibility.

To keep unskilled riders safe, the i180 includes three convenient speed key options. The black key is for beginners and provides a max speed of 6 mph with a slow turning rate.

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The yellow key is for intermediate riders and offers a medium turning rate with an 8 mph top speed.

Advanced riders can use the red key, offering the most responsive turning and a top speed of 12.5 mph. No matter how fast you want to go, using the right key will ensure your safety by limiting your speed.

The i180 is a favorite for all its customizable options and unique features. You can choose your battery type, fenders, wheels, and how you position your splash guards. It’s designed for comfort. It offers height adjustability.

You can apply a commuter pack for added function. With a lithium-ion battery, you can enjoy 15-24 miles of range on a single charge and reach a top speed of 12.5 mph.

It’s safe and secure with encrypted security keys, power assist mode, and speed keys to accommodate new or experienced riders.

It’s a fantastic model for anyone seeking a top-quality personal transporter. It’s also a favorite amongst security organizations that patrol malls, airports, and schools.

Whether you’re considering buying one for personal use or professional transport, it will get you from point A to point B with ease. Do yourself (and pedestrians) a favor and do a few practices runs before taking any new Segway or Segway clone out on the road.

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