Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard Review – Is Safety Worth the Extra Price?

Razor is an American company based out of southern California that offers wide range of award-winning products made for action sports. You might be familiar with their popular kick scooter, which took the country by storm in 2000. Keeping on top of its game, Razor began manufacturing self-balancing scooters, and one of them is the Razor Hovertrax Hover Board.

The Hovertrax has two foot pads that the user stands on. By tilting forward, the scooter will move forward. Tilting back makes the scooter go in reverse. This self-balancing scooter offers a ride so smooth, you think you’re hovering above the ground. With Razor’s reputation for creating high-quality products combined with patented technology, the Hovertrax raises the bar for all self-balancing scooters out there.

Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard Review

Specifications & Features

The Razor Hovertrax Hover Board features a quick-charge lithium ion 36V battery, a battery power indicator, a charger, up to 115 minutes of continuous use, a shatter resistant polymer frame, silent, dual hub 250W motors with gyro-sensor technology, foot controlled, seamless maneuvering steering anti-slip foot platforms, and rubber wheels with aluminum hubs. It can carry a maximum weight of 220 lbs, go up inclines of 15 degrees and down declines of 15 degrees, is suitable for adults and teenagers over 13 years of age, and weighs a mere 22 lbs. This self-balancing scooter can go as fast as 6 mph and is available in two colors: red or blue.

The Hovertrax utilizes smart balancing gyro-sensor technology that makes the ride smooth, stable, accurate, and easy to learn. Within an hour, you will be able to spin 360 degrees. This self-balancing scooter is covered for all manufacturing defects with a 90 day warranty.

The Good

The Razor Hovertrax Hover Board is scratch-resistant, mainly because high-quality plastics were used with shatter-resistant polymers. This scooter is also very quiet, so much so, that users often can’t tell if it’s on or not based on sound. The dual smart motors keep the hoverboard in constant balance. Due to its weight of 22 lbs, the Hovertrax is easy to carry and is very portable.

Important to note, the manufacturer is a quality brand known worldwide. This should give the buyer and whoever using the Hovertrax some peace of mind. Additionally, this self-balancing scooter is certified by the US government for the safety and authenticity of the device.  Razor guarantees that their Hovertrax will not overheat and will not combust.

The Bad

The main thing that needs a bit of improvement in the Razor Hovertrax Hover Board is its speed. Topping off at 6mph makes this hoverboard one of the slowest on the market. However, this speed is perfect for children. Another thing that is lacking is the maximum distance covered in one charge. A quick-charging battery is enough to overlook this, but users note that the Hovertrax can take up to three hours to charge. This scooter does not have the ability to jump curbs and is not waterproof. On another note, we feel that the Hovertrax is a bit overpriced especially since there are hoverboards with more features which sell for a lower price.

The Verdict

The Razor Hovertrax Hover Board has many good things going for it. It is made of high-quality materials to preserve the aesthetics of the machine. It is uber quiet. It is super light. This hoverboard maneuvers easily and is very stable. And all of this comes from a trusted American distributor. If you have any issues, Razor’s customer service is one of the easiest manufacturers of self-balancing scooters to reach.

However, the Hovertrax does not go very fast, a problem if you are an adult. Maximum distance per charge is shorter than its competitors, and it takes quite some time to recharge the battery. Alas, it does not have any bells or whistles, so no jumping curbs or riding in the rain with this one.

Although there are other similarly-priced hoverboards on the market, what you are paying for is guaranteed quality, and that what you ordered is exactly what you are going to get. Nothing tampered with. No corners cut. A guarantee that your child will not be endangered by an exploding self-balancing scooter? There is no price tag for that!

Razor Hovertrax Hoverboard Review

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