Razor E300 Electric Scooter Review – Is it Worth Your Buck?

By Alex Olson


Published on March 1, 2016


By Alex Olson
Published on March 1, 2016
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Razor E300 remains the best electric scooter to be manufactured by Razor. It is the coolest and most powerful scooter among the lot and has everything you want to have a smooth and comfortable ride.

You can observe the superior qualities by looking at its unique features. It is best designed for kids who want to cruise around the neighborhood. It is fitted with a powerful single speed chain and a superior torque motor, as well as a perfect grip throttle for an easy ride.

The scooter is superior to earlier products from the same company such as the E100 scooter because it does not require a manual push before it can start, the machine can just start on its own. Because of its powerful electric motor, you can see that the electric scooter could run at the rate of 15 miles for every one hour.

The speed is great because you can have fun without obstructing or causing a menace to the road users. You cruise the road for forty minutes, this is because the electric scooter features a lasting 24 volts rechargeable battery. However, you have to exercise patience while charging the battery, because it could take up to 12 hours before it became fully charged.


E300 Specifications and Features

  1. Extra wide pneumatic tires: the electric scooter is fitted with 10 inches pneumatic tires. This makes for easy control and superior comfort while using the scooter.
  2. Super-sized deck and frame: it has a super-sized deck as well as a frame. This makes it comfortable for any teen rider.
  3. Twist grip speed control (as well as a hand-operated rear gear): you can increase your speed by simply twisting the throttle.
  4. Retractable kickstand: for easy and comfortable ride, it was fitted with a retractable kickstand.
  5. 24-volt last longing battery: Razor E300 has a 24-volt rechargeable battery. The battery could charge for 12 hours, but you can enjoy a comfortable ride of up to 40 minutes without stopping.
  6. High-performance engine: because of the superior motor, it can cover a speed of 15 mph.
  7. Easy to assemble: the scooter is easy and simple to assemble. It contains all tools needed for it to be assembled.
  8. It has 90 days warranty.

The Good

  • The scooter has a huge deck; because of this, it could carry teenagers of 13 years and above including adults. Moreover, it is fitted with big tires; as such, it can carry the weight of up to 220 pounds.
  • It is simple and easy to use. By pulling the throttle on its handle, the scooter will accelerate to the maximum speed. To slow it down, leave the throttle.
  • The scooter makes the least noise. You will hardly notice any noise while riding the scooter. It will never distract other road users.
  • It is durable and that is because it was solidly constructed. Because of this, it can last long.
  • The scooter is affordable despite the high-end services you can derive from it.
  • It is safe and secure; this is because it is fitted with an efficient braking system. It can come to a halt when the braking system is applied. It does not endanger the lives of its users.
  • The scooter is simple to assemble. You only need to follow the instruction manuals provided.
  • It is backed by 90 days warranty.

The Bad

  • It takes longer time for the battery to become fully charged. It can take between 8 to 12 hours, it could have been better if the charging time is reduced.
  • It is weighty: another complaint people have is that this electric scooter is too weighty. It weighs about 40 to 45 pounds, this is too big, and many kids cannot move it about.
  • It could heat up easily depending on the user’s weight. It can also heat up when the machine climbs up.

The Verdict

Razor E300 is a highly rated electric scooter and one of the best on the market. It is very durable and efficient. It was sturdily designed such that teenagers and adults weighing up to 220 pounds could use it. It has an efficient braking system and covers up to 15 mph. It uses an efficient battery system, which can last for 40 minutes. The scooter is affordable and designed for the comfort of its users. It is highly recommended.


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