My Color Smart by HoverTech Review

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You might have seen a new toy a bunch of celebrities are rolling around with. From Justin Bieber to Jamie Foxx, the new fad in transportation involves two small wheels. I’m sure you’ve heard of the so-called hoverboard. Because no levitation is actually involved, the toy’s more accurate name is “self-balancing scooter.” Also dubbed “mini-Segway,” the scooter moves forward and backward with built-in gyroscopic, sensor footpads that can tell when the rider is leaning forward or back in order to direct the vehicle. Because these scooters have no handlebars to balance on, your core, calves, and feet get a great workout, even though you’re not taking any steps to get from point A to point B.

Specifications & Features

My Color Smart by Hovertech features two wheels with an airless rubber tire system, footpads, and LED status indicator panel, a high-quality Samsung core battery that lasts for 6 hours and/or 11 miles on one charge. It comes with a full manufacturer’s one year warranty, and all parts on this hoverboard can be replaced if need be. Buyers get four different colors to choose from: black, white, blue and red.

The Good

Buyers note that this self-balancing scooter is easy to use, and the accompanying user’s manual is easy to understand. The battery, indeed, does last a long time and charges quickly. The LED indicator panel lets you know how much battery you have left. My Color Smart hoverboard is also extremely quiet. With the variety of colors available, there’s sure to be one that suits you and your personal style.

The Bad

Hovertech, the manufacturing company, does not have a functional website. At the time of the publication of this article, the site is under construction. Its Facebook page, however, is up and running.

Although Hovertech’s My Color Smart is equipped with a Samsung battery, this specific model is included in the list of hoverboards that burst into flames while charging. News reports say that the “Samsung battery” may be in fact, fakes which is why it combusted.

While we didn’t experience this with the board we used for this review, we did notice that it heated up while being charged. This is something that should be taken seriously when considering whether or not this hoverboard will be worth your money.

The Verdict

My Color Smart comes in four great colors to choose from, a full manufacturer’s one year warranty, and has replacement parts, so you don’t have to get a brand new hoverboard should something go awry. The battery lasts for quite some time and charges quickly.

However, the volatile and flammable nature of the battery causes significant safety concerns. As with other self-balancing scooters powered by large lithium ion batteries, there is a moderate probability for the unit to overheat and self-ignite. One way to minimize this risk is to be vigilant while the hoverboard is charging. Should you choose to purchase a scooter operated by lithium ion batteries, never leave the scooter to charge overnight or while no one is home.

Also, be cautious of where you intend to purchase your self-balancing scooters. There have been reports of counterfeit products being sold all over the internet. This may be what occurred in the case mentioned above concerning the fake Samsung battery. Your best bet is to purchase your hoverboard directly from the manufacturer. In the case of My Color Smart, purchasing from the manufacturer is not possible since their website is under construction, and there are no shopping capabilities via their Facebook page.

For Your Safety

Most hoverboards can go up to 10mph, so wearing safety gear, including helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards, is highly recommended.

As with any other form of transportation, there is a risk of getting into an accident with other traffic. To avoid this, ride your scooter on sidewalks or on designated bike paths, if possible.

Stay Tuned

According to Hovertech’s Facebook page, the company is looking into better ways of powering self-balancing scooters with just as much power, but without the overheating issue. So far, the company has found that the use of cold plasma does not yield enough energy to power the hoverboard, but are continually testing out new theories.

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