Megawheels TW01s: A Simple Hoverboard that Packs a Punch

The Megawheels TW01s Hoverboard

The self-balancing scooter, also known as a hoverboard is still the cool new toy for everyone to ride around on, despite last year’s recalls. Megawheels has created a hoverboard that is suitable for both beginners and experienced hoverboard riders. Their simplistic board is both robust and easy to maintain. They took the currently working design on older popular hoverboards and improved upon the concept. You can check out their website here.

Megawheels TW01s

After the uproar of hoverboards catching on fire, it is hard to believe that they are making a comeback. But now there are new batteries that are UL2272 certified, guaranteeing a fireproof casing and a safer battery. The Megawheels TW01s self-balancing hoverboard has this battery certification as well as many other features that make for a safe, unique experience.


The Megawheels TW01s hoverboard comes in four different colors; black, white, red, or blue. The variety of colors makes it easy to personalize the hoverboard to your style. Other features are not cosmetic but have more to do with the usability of the board.

Megawheels UL certifiedBattery:

It has a rechargeable battery that has passed the latest certification from Underwriters Laboratories, the UL 2272 certification. Although this certification ensures the safety of the battery, it could still overheat. But the fireproof casing provides extra safety and helps prevent anything bad from happening should it get hot. The other feature that is a part of the battery is the smart battery management. This system increases the performance of the battery and lets it stay charged for longer. The battery life is estimated to last about two to three hours.

Gear Stabilization:

The gear stabilization on a hoverboard is necessary when it comes to self-balancing on the device. The stabilization is used to keep you level while riding on top of it. Without this self-balancing gear stabilization feature, it would be tough to be able to ride this hoverboard without falling off.


The dual independent motor that is featured within the Megawheels TW01s hoverboard provides excellent maneuverability while steering it with your feet.

The Good

When looking at this hoverboard, it is easy to find many reasons why purchasing it would be a great investment. Although it is definitely a plus that you will look cool riding up and down the street in your neighborhood on the newest hoverboard, there are other features that this hoverboard offers.

  • Maneuverability
    • Being a 6.5 inch this hoverboard is super easy to maneuver. The responsiveness is quick and precise
  • Durable exterior
    • Especially if you are a beginner, it is safe to say that you will crash this hoverboard at least once. The durable exterior on this keeps it intact and usable after multiple wipeouts.
  • Price
    • Like most self-balancing scooters, this item isn’t cheap. But compared to the all-terrain hoverboards it is priced extremely well.

The Bad:

Despite the recent modifications to the battery since the recalls and the fact that they have to pass the UL2272 certification, there are still issues that can be found within the hoverboards. Nothing can be perfected, and unfortunately, everything has to have a downfall towards their product.

  • Shocking
    • Although the battery passed the certification and the casing is fireproof. There is a small chance of being shocked when touching the middle of the board and having it plugged in at the same time. The shock is harmless, but will definitely wake you up!
  • Controls
    • Riding this hoverboard, or any hoverboard for that matter can take some getting used to. When the battery gets low on this product, the gyroscope tends to “freak out.” And by that I mean the whole board will spasm and go in different directions. This only happened a handful of times and only when getting off of the actual board.

Megawheels HoverboardThings to Consider

While style and brand name may be the first thing you are attracted to when wanting to purchase a self-balancing electric scooter, there are other things than looks that need to be considered before making this kind of investment. Especially after the recent recalls of almost all hoverboards, it is important to know what it is that you are buying and what to expect after making your purchase.

  1. Look for brands that offer warranties, customer support, and from places that have a return policy. If a company is willing to provide you with a new product in case of an emergency and they are standing behind their product, it is most likely because their product works.
  2. Check local laws, especially because of the destruction that some hoverboards have caused; your local police department might have set up laws restricting where you can ride your hoverboards. They can also inform you of how much the fines are if you are caught riding them where they are prohibited.
  3. Battery Certification is an important thing to consider before purchasing a hoverboard, without this certification batteries are more likely to catch on fire without any safety precautions taken.
  4. Charge time and battery life is another thing that can sometimes go unresearched. Because this transportation device is going to be carrying your body weight, you need to keep in mind that these things can take a couple of hours to get a full charge. With that being said, you also want to think about how long the battery will last; the average length is from 2-3 hours. Some hoverboards have battery light indicators that will let you know how charged your battery is before and while you are riding it.
  5. Durability is another thing to consider before making this large purchase. Especially at the beginning level, you are bound to fall off and crash your hoverboard, so you want to ensure that the outer casing is durable, and will not break upon impact.

After taking these things into consideration, it is safe to say that you will be able to find the best hoverboard for your self-balancing riding needs. The Megawheels TW01s scores well on all of these points, in more ways than one, and can be the best hoverboard to purchase for yourself or as a gift.

The Verdict:

Overall, the Megawheels TW01s hoverboard is the best bang for your buck when looking for a board that is versatile for both experienced and beginning level riders. It has a top speed of 8 miles per hour and can carry you a range of up to 12 miles.

Megawheels TW01s

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