Who Invented the Electric Skateboard?

Who invented the electric skateboard? Most people think about Louie Finkle when someone brings up this question. Better known as Electric Louie, he is credited with developing the wireless version of the electric skateboard that is so popular today. As a skateboard enthusiast, he wanted to combine his love for riding them with his love for technology. The wireless electric skateboard was the end result, first developed in the late 1990s. Unfortunately, this particular skateboard had quite a few glitches. However, the design has been improved upon over the years and the resulting product that is available today is much more reliable.

How Electric Skateboards Evolved

While Louie Finkle gets credit for developing the modern-day electric skateboard, he was not the first individual to think that this type of device would be a good idea. The truth is, a company called Motoboard developed their own version of an electric skateboard in 1975. This was a version that looked a lot like any other skateboard but it was capable of going faster than you might be able to propel yourself if you were on level ground. It did have a lot of drawbacks, such as the necessity to use a cord in order to connect the skateboard itself and the control module. Many people found this to be a real pain when they were operating it and the idea of having an electric skateboard died out temporarily.

However, Finkle was unwilling to let the idea completely die away. As a result, he kept working on that original design until he created something that could be operated wirelessly. Despite the challenges that came with doing something like this, his design was really remarkable, especially considering the fact that it was developed at a time when wireless technology was not all that prevalent by any standard.

Today, these skateboards are very reliable and they are a lot of fun to operate. It is one more way that people can take advantage of all the wireless technology that seems to exist with just about everything these days. One thing is certain, the modern-day electric skateboards are capable of going further and faster than any of their predecessors. This can be both a good and a bad thing. They are a lot of fun to operate but they can also have their own special set of hazards, largely because they do go so fast.

For some younger individuals that enjoy these skateboards, it is almost difficult to believe that the very first ones were developed more than forty years ago. Even for the more recent version developed in the nineties, that technology is over 20 years old. With that being said, that is giving it just enough time for the technology to be well developed and explored so that it can be capitalized on in the most beneficial way possible. That is one reason that electric skateboards are becoming so popular today. They have been around long enough to work out most of the kinks but they still incorporate technology that is popular in today’s world.

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