Introducing the Best Modern 6.5 inch Self-Balancing Scooter: HX Phantom

The coolest trend to hit the pavement alongside electric bikes, skateboards and Segway scooters would be the hoverboard and electric scooter. These futuristic rides are lightweight and pretty awesome to catch in action, so of course, you may be thinking about buying one for your kid. If you want the kids to spend hours outside, then a hoverboard is going to do just that, and not just any hoverboard but the safest, self-balancing model called the HX Phantom.

The Phantom is by HX, an Athena Solutions company, and was created in partnership with Optimum. Other products that you may be familiar with are the HX EScoot, HE EBike, HX Solo, HX Skate, and HX Wheel. There are several warehouses and business locations in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the United States (Dover, DE), and in Germany. If you are close to any of these areas, you will be able to receive your purchase within a week.

With respected brands such as HX and Optimum fabricating the hoverboard, you are guaranteed a premium item for an affordable price. Should anything happen to your hoverboard, HX is offering a generous two-year warranty and is known to have outstanding customer service. The Phantom is a worthwhile investment made up of equal parts durability, safety, and pure fun.

But what makes it so fun, you ask? Let’s find out.

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Product Overview

You may be looking for an alternative to urban transportation after growing tired of lugging that commuter bike around everywhere or walking 30 minutes to the nearest grocer. Maybe your kids have been asking for a hoverboard for a couple of years now. The HX Phantom is revolutionizing what you thought hoverboards should be. Precision crafted and engineered to deliver both quality and entertainment, the HX Phantom is as appealing to look at as it is to ride.

People of all ages love the HX for a number of reasons. Anyone, regardless of whether they have experience or none, can hop on an HX Phantom and start riding like a pro within mere minutes. The new self-balancing technology truly makes this hoverboard practical and easy to use.

Simply power on the system, step aboard, lean slightly forward, and off you go. Acceleration will smoothly increase, and corners are handled with precision and control.

Other advantages that put the HX Phantom above the standard for hoverboards would be the ability to tackle both urban and suburban terrain. It practically levitates over the pavement, ascends slopes without ever slowing down, and glides over even the densest of lawns. As you ride, you can even enjoy listening to music—which will have heads turning your way as you fly by, day or night.

Specifications and Key Features

A powerful 350W dual motor allows the hoverboard to reach a max speed of 15 km/hr (9.3mph) – considered one of the fastest hoverboards in the industry.

Futuristic technology ensures a smooth, safe ride for beginners to hoverboard experts. The HX Phantom has a gyroscope accelerator, meaning it self-balances with ease. This also boosts safety. Accompany this high-grade self-balancing platform with anti-slip pedals so that falls are limited.

360-degree turning radius so you are never stuck moving in one direction.

The hoverboard comes with either 6.5” or 10” tires. You can choose which diameter you want to customize your ride. Another customizable feature would be the color of the hoverboard. Presently, the HX Phantom is available in 4 colors: Red with black wheels, Black with red wheels, Black with black wheels, and Blue with black wheels.

A waterproof rating of IP54 means that you are free to cross grass, mud, and sand without having to worry about water affecting the electronics of the HX Phantom.

Encased in the body of the hoverboard is a supercharged battery that was custom made by LG (labeled an LG 36V). This means dependability and a long life. You will never have to worry about getting to your destination! Plus, when the battery does run out of juice, it is rechargeable. Not only that, but your battery will be charged completely in under an hour. For children who may be impatiently awaiting their chance to hop on their hoverboard for more fun, this short load time is a definite advantage.

Phone compatibility and Bluetooth 4.0 speakers. Not only can you listen to music while you ride, the HX Phantom has a smartphone application. When you use the app, you can control, monitor, and track the routes you travel regularly. You can even watch your speed and body temperature of the unit. The quality of the speakers is superior, so even as you or your child zips along the curb, the sound of the music will be clear. Just remember to never text and drive, even if you are just riding around on your hoverboard.

In spite of all this gear, the HX Phantom only weighs 10-11 kg (23-25 pounds), depending on the tires. Why walk when you can fly? You can carry it with you wherever you go and start riding whenever you see fit. The size and shape of a hoverboard is more practical than a bike!


  • Runs on a battery and has a great battery life. No need to fill up on gas or peddle! This also makes the HX Phantom an eco-friendly transportation option, since it has zero emissions.
  • Super safe to use due to the superior quality of its construction and several safety institution certifications, including the UL2272 license.
  • 30-degree climbing angle – traditional models will sometimes get hung up on steep includes or scrape, but the HX has a superior design that takes into account the incline or decline of some roads and conquers them.
  • You can ride day or night since the body lights up with a powerful LED glow.
  • Get to where you are going sooner by reaching speeds up to 15km/h.
  • You will find that the Phantom is highly responsive to leans, almost to the point where controlling it is intuitive. There isn’t much of a learning curve.


  • Although the HX Phantom as a rating of IP54, it is not approved for riding in highly dusty or sandy regions, nor is it advised to ride it in rain or snow;
  • The range per change is 20km (12.5 miles), which is far, but if you have to make a lengthy round trip, you may end up walking.


One thing that many parents and hoverboard riders have become unfortunately aware of are the dangers these toys present. However, you never have to worry about the HX Phantom shorting out or going up in flames. Not only is the technology powering this hoverboard far superior to other models out there, it has also been tested in various scenarios to make sure it is never a risk to the rider’s health and safety.

The HX Phantom is one of the safest hoverboards you can purchase on the market right now. It is the first hoverboard to ever be completely UL2271, UL2272, FCC, CE, and ROH certified. All of these certifications ensure that the electrical and fire dangers of other hoverboard brands are virtually non-existent with the HX. The comprehensive testing done by the UL has proven that the HX will never combust during charging or in any other scenario.

Another safety feature is that, should the system need to shut down due to low power or another mechanical issue, it will decelerate instead of only stopping. That way, the rider can avoid an unexpected jolt and get thrown from the hoverboard.

Therefore, the HX Phantom is simply the best choice for hoverboard enthusiasts of all ages but in particular for children.


Overall, HX’s Phantom is a sound investment when making the purchase for both young children and adults seeking a new form of urban transportation. The safety ratings of the HX are a sound enough reason alone to give this hoverboard a try, but the slew of features and customizable parts, like the tires, definitely ups the value. With precision handling, futuristic technology, LED lights, and Bluetooth, the HX Phantom will delight those who ride it for years to come.

Ready to join in the hoverboard movement? Then read more reviews or check out the product on the official HX Phantom website to learn more about the purchasing process. Remember to ride safe and always wear a helmet, elbow and knee pads.

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