Halo Board Carbon Fiber: Our Favorite Electric Skateboard of 2018

Do you long to cruise the streets at high speeds with little to no effort? You’re not alone. The futuristic dream of rolling the sidewalk at 22mph, the wind in your face, and skateboard underfoot is now obtainable. Halo Board has introduced a new carbon fiber electric skateboard that is one of the thinnest, lightest, and fastest available on the market. I hope you’ve been saving up your money because now is the time to pull the trigger!

Halo Board Electric Skateboard Carbon Fiber

$897 $1,097

If you haven’t heard of Halo Board, you should really get to know them. They have been a long-time contributor to the electric rideable industry. Since 2005, the company has worked from a start-up to a highly successful, privately-owned creative authority located in Los Angeles, California. They are famous for their Halo Rover, but they sell other self-balancing scooters and even drones.

Halo Board Carbon

Product Overview

The release of the new 2017 carbon fiber electric skateboard by Halo Board has been met with much praise. 

The design of this board is pure bliss. It’s made entirely from carbon fiber and the weight distribution is near perfect. The board is just 14 pounds and is comprised of T700 Japanese carbon fiber. In other words, not only is the body basically indestructible, the damage-resistant coating means you won’t be seeing scratches and dings anytime soon.

Plus, for easier travel, there is a conveniently placed handle on the back end that makes carrying the board less cumbersome. Though you still have to rely on a Bluetooth remote control for acceleration and braking, the ergonomic design makes holding onto and using the remote quite easy.

One thing that riders rave about this board is the ability to dominate steep inclines. Even a 25-degree hill grade will not slow down your ascension, and for those times you go downhill, the board’s regenerative eABS system helps keep the board from accelerating beyond control. 

As for stability, you can count on the aluminum trucks and 83MM wheels with 78A softness. The Halo Board floats over rough roads and absorbs impacts quite well. You also don’t have to fear the board getting damaged from mildly wet conditions.

The wheels are 100% waterproof, and the board’s electrical components are listed as water-resistant.



Halo Board continues to promote safety in their products by using only UL-certified batteries from LG. These batteries have undergone multiple tests to guarantee their safety.

As mentioned before, this electric skateboard is very safe, even when moving uphill and downhill. The board is equipped with a speed control system that will monitor how fast it goes moving downhill. Riders do not need to fear losing control of the board in that situation.  The remote control also makes it possible to accelerate and brake instantly, meaning that if the rider has to suddenly evade another moving object (car, person, basketball, etc.) they can.

For those who are purchasing this board for their children, the only thing you have to worry about is the chance of them falling off! For this reason, as with a traditional skateboard, the rider should be equipped with elbow and knee pads, as well as a helmet.

Specs and Key Features

hoverboard battery charge time  MOTOR: 3000 WATT DUAL MOTOR DESIGN
hoverboard speed  SPEED: UP TO 22 MPH
hoverboard range  RANGE: UP TO 12 MILES
Halo Board electric skateboard deck  DECK LENGTH: 36 IN / 91 CM
halo board electric skateboard carbon fiber  DECK MATERIAL: 100% JAPANESE T700 CARBON FIBER
Halo Electric Motor  WHEELS: 83 MM HALO STREET WHEELS – 78A
electric skateboard wheelbase  WHEELBASE: 27 IN / 68.5 CM
electric skateboard halo board trucks  TRUCKS: ALUMINUM 9.25 INCH WIDTH
halo board electric skateboard remote  REMOTE: ERGONOMIC BLUETOOTH HALO REMOTE
hoverboard rider weight limit  WEIGHT LIMIT: 286 LBS
hoverboard battery charge time  CHARGE TIME: 3 HOURS
hoverboard hill grade  HILL GRADE: UP TO 25 DEGREES
hoverboard weight  WEIGHT: 14 LBS
hoverboard ul 2272 charger  CHARGER: UL CERTIFIED CHARGER
electric skateboard age limit  FOR AGES: 10 AND UPHaloboard underneath


  • Constructed out of virtually indestructible carbon fiber
  • Maximum speed of 22 mph means getting to places faster than on a hoverboard or traditional skateboard
  • 12 miles riding distance per change at an average speed is decent
  • UL-certified battery and electrical components
  • Dual in-hub motors that generate around 3,000 watts of power
  • Weighs a mere 14 pounds—extremely lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Bluetooth remote control is ergonomic and easy to handle, even for beginners
  • Extremely durable construction and design
  • Excellent stability, even on rough and uneven pavement
  • Regenerative braking – this means the board uses an advanced technology allowing for kinetic energy to be converted for immediate use or stored for later.
  • Ability to push when the battery is finished without receiving much drag.
  • A great option for heavier riders, due to the 286-pound weight limit.

Also, if you order from the Halo Board website, you get free same-day shipping when ordering in the United States.  


What cons? Okay, honestly, the only con would be the relatively lengthy charge time of 3 hours compared to the duration of your ride (12 miles in total). 

One other thing we noticed was a noisy acceleration. This wasn’t a big deal and we forgot all about it when we were gliding down the street at 20+ mph with a smile from ear to ear.

Halo Board Electric Skateboard Carbon Fiber

$897 $1,097

Final Verdict

The Halo Board carbon edition has taken the number 1 spot in a very competitive market for electric skateboards for good reason. The sleek design, decent price, and dependability of the craftsmanship are just three factors that go into making this board a worthwhile purchase. For those who want to make a good investment in an electric skateboard that will stand the test of time but is also powerful enough to make a commute shorter and sweeter, then the Halo Board is an excellent option.

9.5 Total Score
Halo Board Carbon Electric Skateboard

Our Favorite Electric Skateboard This Year!

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