Do Electric Scooters Need Road Tax?

Electric scooters that are rated at 200W or less considered in the same category as bicycles. There are also no specific laws that deal with electric scooters that are partially powered by electric batteries or have a maximum speed of 30 mph. That means they are not legally required to have any license, insurance or need road tax. However, there are basic rules governing them that you need to follow. Otherwise, you might end up operating your electric scooter in a manner that will require you to have a license, pay road tax, and have insurance.

Basic Electric Scooter Guidelines

Electric Scooter in the US

In the US, the Federal law sets out the consumer requirement for the electric scooters rather than the legality of riding one on public roads. The riding regulations are determined by individual States. The US law sets a speed cap of 20mph and a maximum power rating of 750W, for your device to be considered an electric scooter.

To learn about each state’s regulation on where to ride your scooter to avoid paying for road tax, or being penalized, please call your state’s transport department. In many states, if you are not riding on a public road, then you do not need any road tax. They also do not enforce these laws strictly unless you are seen riding without something like a cyclist’s helmet.

Electric Scooters in Canada

In Canada, the national government has set the cap at 500W and a speed of 20mph for a Personal Electric Vehicle or platform to be considered an electric scooter. The use of such a scooter on public roads and the qualification to pay a road tax varies from province to province. You should contact the local transport department to find out if you can use public roads to use your scooter. If you are using your electric scooter as a recreational device, you may also not pay any road tax. However, you must avoid using in on public highways. You have to ride them on pedestrian or bicycle paths only. These laws change regularly.

Electric Scooters in Europe

In Europe, your electric scooter must not be rated more than 250W, and it must not exceed 15.6mph in speed. Some European countries such as Germany and Switzerland allow a maximum of 30mph. Otherwise, you might be required to pay for road tax and observe other road regulations meant for motorized transport. It must also not weigh more than 40kgs. The rider has to be over 14 years to ride in public places. The other requirement is that the electric scooter is partially powered manually, rather than being fully throttled.


The electric scooters are not allowed on public highways. All personal electric vehicles using public roads are required to pay road tax. They are also required to fulfill other road regulations that help to keep the roads safe, and to care for those injured in accidents. Electric scooters using cycle paths do not need to pay any road taxes or have insurance. If you also use your electric scooter within the campus, within the company compound or just within the streets without using public highways, then your electric scooter does not need a road tax. The rule of thumb is however to consult the local transport department.

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