Do Electric Scooters Need Insurance?

As the use of electric scooters continue to increase, more and more lawyers are considering the possibility of insuring these forms of transportation. Currently, the Department of Transportation requires registration for every electric scooter, be it on two wheels or four. Most active individuals choose the kick scooter whereas disabled individuals are more commonly associated with the use of an electric scooter. Is then fair to force insurance on the disabled who so commonly struggle to pay their basic utilities when so many of them can’t find work because of their health issues?

Why Insurance for Electric Scooters Would be a Waste

Today drivers are becoming less aware of their surroundings thanks to cell phones and other forms of technology. More accidents are occurring than ever before as more people make the switch to street scooters as their primary means of transportation. There are several reasons for this, mainly financial. Many disabled individuals can get street scooters for free and the scooters may be the only way they can leave their own home on their own. Street scooters are cheaper to purchase than a traditional vehicle and they can go just about anywhere in the city, save for a highway. Maintenance is also much less expensive than on a car or truck. Street scooters take up less space than a vehicle in a garage, plus there is no fear of getting a ticket for not having insurance coverage when operating it out on the sidewalks.

Most would agree that all insurance is a scam. Many who pay into it never end up using it and end up simply throwing away money that could be used for other things. This is especially hard on disabled individuals as most of them are on a fixed income and can’t work. However, should an event occur where insurance coverage could be beneficial, it would be helpful to disabled individuals because they wouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for all of the damage that occurred. This would ultimately benefit all parties involved, especially because many disabled individuals are low income and don’t have a lot (or anything at all) in savings to cover a major accident.


Do electric scooters need insurance? Certainly not. Electric scooters aren’t designed to travel nearly as fast as cars or trucks. Even children and the disabled need a way to travel around town without being forced to pay for high premium coverage. However, should the day come when insurance companies can charge for coverage of street scooters there will be a lot of upset individuals that don’t have any extra money to afford the coverage and will simply avoid paying their bills and still operate street scooters anyway. People have to have a way to get from one place to another whether they have the ability to pay for it or not. In the case of disabled individuals some can’t walk well or hardly at all and rely on street scooters to reach grocery stores for food. While the idea of having insurance for these types of scooters is ideal in today’s economy it’s a bad idea all around.

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