Do Electric Scooters Catch On Fire?

There’s no denying that modern technology has taken the world by storm especially in the last decade. From computers to smartphones and other forms of gadgetry, now comes motorized versions of outdoor equipment like bicycles and kick scooters. While there is no doubt that electronic versions of these well-loved gears have added a lot of excitement into the mix, there are still issues that need to be discussed. In this article, we will focus on electric scooters and whether they can burst into flames.

In 2015, the whole world went crazy over self-balancing scooters or what are otherwise known as hoverboards. These were sold out almost everywhere! Until reports of hoverboards bursting into fire started coming up. Of course, consumers want to know whether the same thing can happen with electric scooters.

The truth is, there really isn’t any guarantee that an electric scooter will never catch on fire. The fact of the matter is though, almost anything that is powered by electricity is a fire hazard. This is especially true when safety precautions aren’t taken to ensure this never happens.

To prevent your electric scooter from bursting into fire, you must first understand why this can happen in the first place.

Reasons Why an Electronic Scooter May Catch Fire

Poor quality construction

One of the main reasons that an electronic scooter can catch fire is because it is made up of low quality materials, was poorly designed, and quite possibly didn’t go through proper quality control inspection. The sad fact is, a significant number of manufacturers are only interested in the revenues they can make out of the sales. This has lead to the culture of developing substandard products by producing products that are poorly designed, hardly researched, and built with cheap materials.

Therefore, make sure to choose an electric scooter that has been manufactured by a trusted company. It may cost a little more than generic ones from China but at least you’re assured it’s made to top quality materials.


Another common reason why electronic scooters can catch on fire is overcharging. This is also related to low quality materials. As in the case of those hoverboards bursting into fire, it was because the battery equipped in the units was cheap and didn’t have a safety mechanism to can prevent overheating while they were plugged in. This resulted to the batteries exploding.

How to prevent your electric scooter from a fire accident

Here some suggestions that you should consider when purchasing an electronic scooter:

  1. Buy a branded unit – procuring a branded model ensures that you will be receiving nothing but a good quality electronic scooter simply because the manufacturer can be held liable should your unit suddenly burst into fire.
  2. Service your scooter regularly – electronic scooters have various components which regular maintenance to ensure they run smoothly. If you don’t have the know how, it will be a good idea to just bring your unit to your local service center or perhaps  even to a friend who knows how to deal with electrical wirings.


In conclusion, there are risks of an electric scooter catching fire just like any other device that is powered by a battery. However, there are simple ways to prevent this from happening so you shouldn’t be put off from buying one for yourself.

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