Coolreall Two Wheel Electric Personal Transporter Review

This product is discontinued. Please visit our self balancing electric scooter comparison page for alternative options.

Some have compared it to a Segway without a handle, and in many ways they are very similar. However, the Coolreall Self Balancing Scooter has features that make it all its own. This personal transporter is a high priced product is well-worth the cost. At the price that it commands, the board is certainly more expensive than the average scooter, but much less than much of its competition. Powered by motion driven kinetics, there is certainly a recommended age range for those who can safely control it. The manufacturer suggests those between the ages of 14-45 are best suited for proper control. Because of its size, and mobility factors, the manufacturer also suggests a limit of 220 lbs for riders riding atop this two-wheeled board. The product can function at a 15-degree climb offering a decent range of areas it can be used.

Specifications and Features

Some find the aesthetic look of this transporter to be very appealing. There are four color options available: white, red, blue, and black with a pattern that is chosen randomly. Decorated with led lights that function as the board is powered up or turning is also an added feature. With tires made from good quality solid rubber, the user needn’t worry about having to air them up or discover a flat. The diameter of the wheels is 6.5 inches leaving room for the robust, yet comfortable body. The no-slip grips placed over each foot pad help the rider to stay secure while engaging the motor or turning.

For some, what is on the inside is just as important as what is on the outside. Within, there are 3 gyro sensors and 3 accelerometers that detect the balance of the rider to ensure stability. At a battery capacity of 110wh, the LG lithium 18650 is ranked one of the best available. This non-flammable, non-explosive battery makes certain that there is the utmost safety without losing ride time. Though the 1000w motor makes this product weigh in at 29 pounds, its energy efficiency, and subtle sound is clearly a feat. An instruction manual is included. However, the necessary leaning back to slow down and the smart motor that doesn’t operate unless properly balanced, make riding fairly straight forward.

The Good

This board is made of very solid construction. It is easy to use even going beyond the recommended age by having a man in his 70’s take a ride. The speed is adequate, with the manufacturer suggesting that it is safest at 12km/h. The extensive findings concluded mostly that simplistic maneuverability and sensitive pressure requirements create a stable, controlled ride. Another thing that’s worthy of praise is how well the motor responds to the foot pads provided. For most, carrying it with one hand was found to be fairly easy when not riding aboard.

The Bad

On the other hand, there are very few things to complain about with this hoverboard. It appears that the body paint is easily scratched and dinged up, especially on the sides. Also, some people may find it difficult to maintain their balance once dismount from board after riding for an extended period of time. We found that getting off the scooter is the most difficult part when we took it out for a test drive. Another thing that could be better improved is if a bag was offered or a strap added to secure it on the shoulder of the rider when not in use.

The Verdict

All in all, the Coolreall appears to be well worth the money for those who want to have a safe and reliable ride. The comfortable body style and quality construction have earned high rankings with users. The battery life and powerful motor create the kind of reliability that riders are looking for. The biggest fear for many when purchasing this product is that it will be difficult to ride, but the 3 gyro sensors respond consistently to the pressure pads. It may take some getting used to, but riders can expect the safe adventure they seek while enjoying their purchase.

9 Total Score

Well made, great safety features and looks the business!

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User Rating: 2.7 (48 votes)
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