Rodney Mullen said, “Do what you love and try not to look at what other

5 Best Electric Skateboards & Longboards of 2020

Acton BLINK S2 8/10 $749.00 Get Ready to Dive into the ACTON Blink S2 Electric

Acton BLINK S2 Product Review

Electric skateboards are popping up everywhere these days. In the city, in the burbs, even

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Halo Board Carbon Fiber: Our Favorite Electric Skateboard of 2020

Today we are featuring a product that is capable of going 25+ mph, with a

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The Acton Blink Lite Electric Skateboard is one of the most exciting electric skateboards we

Acton BLINK LITE: The Lightest Electric Skateboard

Who invented the electric skateboard? Most people think about Louie Finkle when someone brings up

Who Invented the Electric Skateboard?

The motorized skateboard was first introduced in 1975. It was gas powered but it paved

How to Ride an Electric Skateboard

How do electric skateboards work? Believe it or not, they actually function in much the

How Do Electric Skateboards Work?

Electric skateboards are one of the hottest new trends in action sports. Capable of hitting

Are Electric Skateboards Safe?