The 5 Best Affordable Self-Balancing Scooters [2020 Update]

By Alex Olson


Published on February 28, 2019


By Alex Olson
Published on February 28, 2019
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With so many variations on the market, it can hard to decide which self-balancing scooter is right for you.

Different price points…different features…

How can you be sure you make the right choice?

If you’re looking to buy a scooter for your child, this is the guide for you.

We’ve read 50+ reviews on dozens of different scooters over the past 2 months. From there, we compiled a list of the best affordable self-balancing scooters for 2019 to save you the burden of having to spend hours finding the best scooter for your child.

Here’s what we came up with:

Segway MiniPro

Segway MiniproSegway calls this one the “evolution” of the hoverboard for its unique features. With UL2272 certification for added safety, the Segway MiniPro is a winner for many reasons.

This self-balancing scooter has a large body that makes it easy to balance, move, and control. The ride is smooth, the body offers excellent movement, and it’s strong and stable. It’s also easy to mount and dismount.

Designed to hold up to 200 pounds, this scooter goes up to 10 mph. Dual motors offer excellent power and make this hoverboard one of the easiest to ride.

It’s lightweight and easy to transport, and it includes a padded knee bar. The knee bar offers better control and increased comfort, making it perfect for traveling a distance.

It also features Bluetooth connectivity and comes with the free Ninebot app. Pair the app with your smartphone to listen to music while you’re riding. The app also lets you control speed, lights, anti-theft alarms, and other features.

At $599, the price tag makes this scooter better suited for adults than children. Despite the price, it has one downfall – it takes a good four hours to get a full charge. Once it’s charged, you can expect about three hours of riding time.

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Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0Razor refers to this model as the strongest and smartest hoverboard on the market. With EverBalance Technology for auto-leveling, this scooter lets you move, stand, and spin with ease.

Designed to support up to 220 pounds, it goes a top speed of 8 mph and includes two ride modes:

  1. First-time riders can practice on the beginner level.
  2. More experienced riders can enjoy the standard level.

UL2272 certification makes this hoverboard safe, so you won’t need to worry about overheating. It’s lightweight at 22 pounds, and it includes anti-slip footpads for better balance. Scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant, this scooter provides a smooth and silent ride.

The Hovertrax 2.0 features a cool blue LED light bar, power indicator, and bumpers. What’s missing is that it is not designed with Bluetooth connectivity. With a two hour charge, you can expect about 60 minutes of ride time.

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Swagtron T6

Swagtron T-6 OffroadThe Swagtron T6 is the first hoverboard that can handle over 400 pounds. Offering a 12-mile range with speeds of up to 12 mph, this self-balancing scooter is designed to go off-road. Metal guards protect your feet, while a one year warranty offers some peace of mind.

This hoverboard includes adjustable settings so you can ride on smooth surfaces or in tough terrain. It includes LED lights, turning signals, and Bluetooth capability. You can pair it with your smartphone and listen to all your favorite tunes while you ride.

Weighing 30.5 pounds, it’s not the lightest hoverboard you can buy. But it is UL2272 certified, making it a safe option for both kids and adults.

The T6 is one of Swagtron’s more expensive models, but it’s the only one that can handle all types of terrain. On a full charge, you’ll enjoy about 2 hours of riding on gravel, grass, or any smooth foundation.

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Halo Rover

Halo RoverThe Halo Rover is one of the best off-road hoverboards designed for use on different types of terrain. This electric scooter is water-resistant and can climb 20-degree angles. The aluminum body offers durability, while knobby rubber tires provide off-road traction.

Don’t worry if it gets splashed with water. This hoverboard is both UL-certified and IFX4 certified for water resistance. It handles easily on cracked pavements, dirt, and snow, and it can hit a max speed of 8.83 mph.

Charging takes about 2.5 hours. However, it has an impressive battery life and can travel about 7.5 smooth miles on a full charge.

It weighs in at around 33 pounds, but it comes with its own carrying case. Bluetooth technology and a mobile app make it easy to use with your smartphone.

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Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard

Gotrax Hoverfly PlusEasy to master, the Hoverfly Eco Hoverboard is one of the best in the under $200 category. This self-balancing scooter includes unique features that look cool and function with ease.

Available in a variety of cosmic-inspired colors, this hoverboard has been designed with safety in mind. With UL 2272 certification, it meets and exceeds safety standards in its class. With non-slip foot pads, you’ll be able to maintain your balance and keep your feet right where they should be.

Powered by dual 250w motors, this high torque hoverboard can hit a maximum speed of up to 7.4 mph. On a full charge, you can expect 12 miles of gliding. When power is running low, an indicator light will signal you that you’re in need of a charge.

Weighing roughly 20 pounds, this hoverboard features 0-degree turning radius for easy mobility. With protective bumpers and a weight capacity of 220 pounds, it’s ideal for kids looking to perfect their hoverboard skills.

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Before you buy your next hoverboard, do your research. Consider safety features, weight limits, and carrying weight.

Decide if you want a scooter that you can use off-road. Take into account its speed, battery life, and how much usage you’ll get on a full charge.

Look for hoverboards with Bluetooth capability if you want to listen to music while you ride. And keep your budget in mind. There’s no need to go broke when there are so many great affordable scooters to choose from.

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