Anhell Hover Boost Review – Is it Worth your Money?

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The Anhell Hover Boost is designed to make short-distance commutes extremely convenient. To use, simply stand on the device and apply pressure with your feet. With two driving force motors which are individually controlled by each foot, you can easily take turns, spin, accelerate, and break smoothly. Below is a complete product review of the Anhell Hover Boost, including specifications and features, the pros, the cons, and the verdict.

Specifications & Features

The Anhell Hover Boost has the ability to travel up to 20 km on a single charge. It is powered by 36V 4.4AH Samsung Lithium batteries, with the highest power of 500 to 1000W and a charge time of up to 120 mins. This self-balancing scooter can carry riders up to 120kg. Its LED lights are great for riding safely at night. Its wheels are 6.5 inches with a tire size of 170mm. The Hover Boost weighs in at 30 pounds.

This hoverboard comes in two colors: black and red, and has a one year warranty.

This self-balancing scooter is manufactured by Anhell and Shareconn International Inc. Shareconn manufactures products in outdoor sports, mobile accessories and health electronics. Their motto is, “Super excellent product. Perfect service.” The company is based in China.

The Good

The Anhell Hover Boost has an attractive price tag. The high quality battery ensures users that it won’t overheat and combust, a problem with low quality lithium ion batteries. It has the ability to carry a large adult, so if you’re bigger or heavier, the Hover Boost can accommodate you. If you are looking to ride at night, this self-balancing scooter comes with LED lights, to both light the way and so the traffic around you can see you. Although the manufacturing company is in China, its website is user friendly and is in English. On the site, you can find the company’s information, product information and online customer service in the form of FAQs and online enquiry form.

The Bad

Although the Anhell Hover Boost has a handsome price tag, it has some shortcomings. The battery is from Samsung, but it’s a smaller battery, translating into a smaller range. The build quality is also not as nice as its more expensive competition, which is understandable. One common complaint is that the central bearing that allows for a zero degree turning radius develops friction. Additionally, the protective wheel well sometimes slightly rubs against the wheel. Both of these issues may very well become a big problem in the future.  The 6.5” wheels are too delicate to take over rough terrain, so keep this craft on fairly even surfaces. Also, the LED lights cannot be turned off, which can be a nuisance to some users.

The Verdict

The Anhell Hover Boost is one of the cheaper hoverboards for sale. Shareconn, the manufacturer decided to cut corners on things that, generally speaking, don’t matter to the rider. One feature that absolutely cannot be replaced by a cheaper version is the high quality battery. Although a smaller battery that offers a smaller range in distance per charge, buyers can feel at ease knowing the battery won’t overheat and spontaneously burn. This hoverboard can carry children to large adults, so it’s fun for the whole family. LED lights contribute to safety while riding in the dark, and the company can be easily engaged should anything go awry.

However, the issue with the center ball bearing and the friction of the wheel against the wheel well may take away from pleasure of the ride and the life of the device. Riders cannot take the Anhell Hover Boost over curbs or on rocky ground, and the LED lights do not have an option to turn off.

Additionally, it is not recommended to purchase from third-party sellers. If you do so, you are at risk of buying refurbished products, or products that have been tampered with. So, if you want to ensure that you are getting what is advertised, your best bet to purchase directly from the manufacturer or from an approved distributor.

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