About Curtis Hill: The Creator of Choose Wheels and Outdoor Enthusiast

Hey Guys, I’m Curtis and welcome to ChooseWheels.com

If you’re reading this then thanks for taking the time to find out more about me and why I created this website.

I’m guessing, like me, you have been captivated by the recent publicity around self balancing scooters or hover boards as some people like to call them. These things are HUGE right now thanks to many celebrities posting videos of themselves riding them.

This isn’t just a celebrity fad though, these 2 wheeled scooters are pretty damn cool and I just had to get one for myself. The only problem is there was so much choice out there, it seems many small electronics companies are jumping on the bandwagon and wanting to cash in on the viral nature of self balancing scooters. This makes it pretty difficult to choose the best one, and that’s exactly why I created ChooseWheels.com!

You’re lucky because I’ve gone ahead and put in the hours, made comparison tables and done all the research so that you can just go ahead and easily pick the best scooter. This means you can spend less time on your computer and more time having fun riding 🙂

I’ll be adding more content regularly so please stay tuned.



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