Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro Electric Scooter Review

This electric scooter is designed to offer high performance to your kid while also providing the perfect blend of mix and style. With a single charge, the scooter can go for over 10 miles till the next re power process. It comes with a chain driven electric motor that offers a high power transfer to the bike. In addition, it has two large pneumatic tires to give users a smooth ride and also to provide maximum comfort on the road.

Made by Razor USA, a private company located in California, the scooter is among the Razor scooter E series like E100, E200 and E300. Razor USA also produces other brands of toys for example dirt bikes and other powered ride on bikes making it scoop several awards in the Toy industry. They include “Toy of The Year” honors from Sports Illustrated for Kids and Parents magazine.

Specifications and Features

Rechargeable Battery

The scooter uses a 24 volt sealed lead acid rechargeable battery that runs for up to 12 miles with a single charge. However, the battery lasts for only forty five minutes of continuous use before the next recharge. The scooter also comes with a charger used to re power the battery.

Electric Motor

A high torque chain is used to drive the motor when powered on. This enables the scooter have a good speed of 15 miles per hour. However, the electric motor and the battery make the scooter somehow heavy and it’s advisable for kids to have a good balance before riding it, especially outdoors.

Steel Frame

The frame is made of steel to ensure that the scooter’s body last longer while keeping off chances of getting rust. Its body is also light and easy to assemble after shipping to the buyer’s destination. However, the user manual comes in handy when assembling the scooter. Its frame is designed to accommodate a young ride, usually of 170 lbs.

Acceleration Control

The scooter users a twist grip acceleration control. This makes it easy to accelerate making the toy easy to use by young kids.

Wheel System

The two wheels are made of pneumatic material and are of 12 inches. The tires and inner tubes come with the scooter in the initial purchase. However, for the tire and tube spares, one can purchase them as combo set. The scooter also has a rear suspension system.

Under Seat Storage

The under seat storage is a great accessory especially for kids who like carrying around other items. In addition, it is also used to store the scooter’s tools and spares.

The Good


The scooter is fun for kids making them know how to ride and operate machines at an early age.

Easy to Assemble

The toy comes with a tool kit that enables one to easily assemble it without necessarily having a background knowledge on assembling a machine. In addition, a user manual comes in handy when assembling the toy for first timers.


The steel made scooter lasts long due to the external material used in making its parts. Moreover, its parts for example the tires are made of a pneumatic material, ensuring that they do not wear out easily.


The scooter has rear suspension that enhances stability when in use. It also comes with a helmet and elbow protection to give kids the maximum safety they require when operating the scooter.

Great Value for Money

The toy goes for about $299. This is a cheap toy compared to the kind of specifications and features it has in the first place.

The Bad

Poor Battery

The battery could last longer. Poor battery means regular repower process that cut out the fun in using the scooter.


The scooter is somehow heavy due to its quality construction and body work. However, it has a kick stand that enables one to get a good stability before taking off.

The Verdict

The scooter has a great price given that it is a mechanical toy that can sharpen your child’s ability to handling and taking care of machinery. It takes only fifteen minutes to assemble the toy thanks to the user manual. It is an amazingly quiet machine and buyers should not be worried of the any noise coming from the electric motor.

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8.5 Total Score

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