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The 8 Best Electric Scooters of 2018

Girl riding an electric scooterYou’ve probably seen somebody whizzing around your neighborhood on an electric scooter already, and perhaps you thought it looked pretty cool. Well, let me be the first to say that yes, they are and if you’re looking for a super cool motorized scooter, you’re in luck!

They cost a lot less than electric cars and deliver excellent performance. A new introduction to the automobile industry, these scooters can be perfect for your small travel needs. They are plug-in charge-and-go vehicles, and all you need is to know how to ride a two-wheeler. Just roll the throttle, and you are on the move.


NameMax SpeedRangeWeight LimitOur Rating 
Swagtron Swagger ProSwagger PRO16 mph18 miles250 lbs5Check Price

ecoreco-m5EcoReco M5

20 mph20 miles280 lbs4.5Check Price

Razor EcoSmartRazor EcoSmart

18 mph40 Minutes220 lbs4.5Check Price

glion-dollyGlion Dolly

15 mph15 miles250 lbs4.5Check Price

Swagtron SwaggerSwagtron Swagger

15 mph17 miles300 lbs4Check Price

Razor E300 Electric ScooterRazor E300

15 mph40 minutes220 lbs4Check Price

UberScoot 1000w Electric ScooterUberScoot 1600w

26 mph10 miles265 lbs4Check Price

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What Should You Look for When Choosing an Electric Scooter?

Comfort is always a priority, but you need to look at other factors including how easy it is to maintain and the safety features included. If you’re trying to take these motorized scooters a little farther out than your neighborhood, you will also need to look at the distance per charge offered, and be able to take in more load. Read more below in our reviews of the best electric scooters of 2018.

Why Should You Get One of These Amazing Products?

With growing concerns about climate change, you can play your part to reduce carbon footprints by commuting with a more eco-friendly solution. Electric scooters / motorized scooters are your child’s best friend, without needing any gasoline. Here is why you would love owning one.

  • They are easy to ride, and light in weight. This means that they are easy to maneuver, and you don’t feel tired when riding it.
  • You can drive them when you want. You don’t need to learn about shifting gear or even take driving classes. Just hop on and go. They do not even have gears, and all you need to do is to press that one button to start.
  • Electric scooters are economical. You’re saving in on fuel costs, and the only thing that you do need to pay is for electricity.
  • They are environment-friendly. There is no carbon emissions and no harmful fume discharge, ensuring no pollution.
  • No need to go to the fuel station. Tired of going to the fuel station each time? You do not need to wait in queue for a fill-up; plug in the charger and charge from any household power plug.
  • Electric scooters are low maintenance. Since there are no fuel injectors, radiators, bulky and complicated engines, you don’t require a lot of maintenance. You don’t need oil changing or cleaning or cooling systems. Therefore, there is a huge saving regarding after sales expenses.
  • Travel easily. Traveling costs can come down drastically. Power costs are very low as compared to fuel cost, and so the travel cost is reduced.
  • Go miles without a worry. These scooters come with high-quality, lithium-ion batteries, so they are durable and trustworthy.
  • They are safe to use. The safety gear is very effective. There are many circuit breakers, safety switchgear, power controllers, brake travel switches and other controller systems to make their use safe for all age groups.
  • There is no age limitation. Unless your State laws are different, you can ride an e-bike without a worry. There are no age limitations, and you do not even need a driving license.
  • No license requirements. Electric scooters have max speeds that are less than 20 mph and are safe to ride on roads. However, common laws like wearing helmets and safety measure is a necessity.

Pointers to Help you Choose

How do you get the electric scooter that you need? Here are some pointers that will help you.

  1. Choose the type of motorized scooter you need: Choose what you need it for. Decide if you need it for fun or to go to the office.
  2. Check out the distance the scooter can go on a single charge.
  3. Decide the range that you’re looking at: How much does the scooter go on a single charge with different loads?
  4. Weight capacity: Electric scooters have weight vehicles just like any other vehicle. If you are looking to buy it for a kid, you shouldn’t really worry about how much load the scooter can carry. But if you are looking for an electric scooter for adults, you might have to look at the weight capacity.
  5. Battery backup: Take care of the battery quality, type, and its charge capacity. It will also be affected by usage. Choose wisely.
  6. Price: Compare and check the price of the electric scooter with its competitors. Look for deals or any ongoing promotion offers before making your final choice.
  7. Why do you need it? Understand why you need the motorized scooter in the first place. Test if the vehicle you are looking for can fulfill your requirements. You can end up with different choices depending on whether you are looking to travel to your office or just take it out for a ride on weekends to the park.

Recommended Products

Which are the top electric scooters available on the market today? Here is a list of some that are successful and among consumer favorites, in different categories.

UberScoot 1000w – Fastest Electric Scooter on Our List

Uberscoot 1000

If you’re looking for an all-around leader, this is your choice. The UberScoot 1000w is a great challenge for competitors. With a maximum speed of about 25mph and low charge time of 4-6 hours, it has an impressive range of 10 miles per charge and a load capacity of 260 pounds. Powered by a 1000 watt, 36V motor, this is suited for kids of 12 years and above.


  • Disc brakes help ensure better safety
  • Good speed for an electric scooter, compared to other competitors
  • Low charge time and nice built quality
  • Fast electric scooter


  • Range could have been more
  • A bit on the pricey side

Razor E125 Motorized Scooter

Razor E125 Motorized Scooter

The E125 is a sleek, light chain driven scooter for kids with speeds up to 10 mph, which isn’t much, but you can go the distance if it’s a small way out. The scooter comes with a front brake system and a charge time of about 12 hours lasting around 40 minutes of continuous riding. The body is light and sturdy. Powered by a 12V rechargeable battery system, the vehicle can carry a load of 120 pounds. It is easy to use and an ideal ride for kids aged above eight years of age. And if you want to ride it on your own, you can even use it like a normal scooter!


  • Simple to assemble and use.
  • Easy to ride and safe for children as speed is not too high.
  • You can ride it like a normal scooter, even if you run out of charge.


  • Need to push it to a speed of 3mph to trigger the electric motor.
  • Batteries drain off too quickly and have a less life
  • Not powerful enough to ride on slopes.


Super Turbo 1000watt Elite

Super Turbo 1000watt Elite

The Super Turbo is a high power, heavy-duty package with a sturdy built and a nice bulky gear system. Equipped with disc brakes, shockers, and a turbo/eco mode to switch, there are wide tires to give you a stable ride and better adhesion to the road.

Powered by a 1000 watt, 36V motor, the scooter can have a speed of up to 26 mph. It also supports a weight of up to 250 lbs. There is a good range of about 18 miles per charge; you can simply ride to school or go over to your friend’s place on this. However, you need to be at least twelve years of age to be eligible to ride this bike.


  • It has nice powerful motor to provide speed and torque
  • Has a good range of a few miles
  • Sturdy body and nice powertrain


  • It’s pretty heavy and difficult to carry in case you do run out of power.
  • Poor battery life


Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro – Fancy Motorized Scooter

Razor Pocket Mod

This Razor Pocket Mod Mini scooter is inspired by the vintage look. Designed for kids above 13 years and weighing less than 170 pounds can feel free to use these, it can deliver a maximum speed of about 15 mph. It offers a range of 10 miles, and there are different vintage looks and colours to choose from. It also comes with a small storage compartment under the seat.


  • Nice, elegant design and great colour combinations
  • Light and easy to ride
  • Impressive suspension arrangement for a smooth ride
  • Centre mounted stand


  • Little range of about 10 miles
  • Low power and torque, slow acceleration


Razor E200

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

The Razor E200 has a sturdy twist grip throttle with a hand-operated rear brake and pneumatic tires. This ensures that you have an electric scooter that is just right for going around the neighborhood. The scooter can go up to 12 mph an hour and is the perfect buy for teenagers.


  • Very easy to assemble
  • Perfect for teenagers
  • Pneumatic tires for easy use
  • Full steel body that makes it sturdier
  • Quiet motor that keeps things really quiet


  • Lengthy recharge times
  • Run time of only around 40 minutes


Razor E300 – Our Most Popular Electric Kick Scooter

Razor E300 Scooter

One of the most popular scooters of its category, the Razor E300 has an extremely quiet chain-driven motor and a high torque powertrain. The performance-driven motor can deliver a speed of 15 mph and a charge that lasts about 40 minutes on continuous use. The body is a cast of a good strong material, and it can stand a few bumps easily. Powered by a 24V lead acid battery, it is light yet strong.


  • Big sized scooter to accommodate two adults easily
  • Simple to assemble package
  • Retractable rear stand
  • Nice speed for its category


  • High price tag
  • Low pickup, gives up on slopes


BlackSUP800 – Super Turbo 1000 Watt Elite

Black SUP800 Super Turbo

It’s a heavy duty package, built for those riders who love to hit the gym. With a solid steel frame, dual disc brakes, dual rear shocks, and a powerful 1000 watt motor, the BlackSUP800 undoubtedly is the knight of the category. Powered by a 36V, (upgradable 48V) it can carry a weight of 250 pounds and a top speed of 25 mph at 3000rpm. In ideal conditions, it can travel a distance of 18 miles on a single charge.


  • Easy to assemble, but you need some mechanical skills
  • Electric scooter for adults and kids
  • Good built and powerful system


  • Heavy to carry and lengthy charging time
  • Expensive compared to others
  • Needs safety measures before you ride


Razor E100 Electric Scooter

Razor E100

The Razor E100 is a light, yet powerful scooter for kids. It can speed up to 10 mph, offering a lot of fun for kids. It is safe for riding and the handlebars are equipped with a front brake system. The E100 is equipped with an 8-inch pneumatic tire in the front to help with shock absorption. It has a charge time of about 12 hours that lasts for 40 minutes in ideal riding conditions. Powered by a 24V battery system, it can carry a maximum weight of 120 pounds. It is an ideal gift for kids.


  • Easy to ride and safe for children
  • One can ride it like a normal scooter if you run out of charge.
  • Elegant design and simple construction.


  • Batteries drain off too quickly and have a less life.
  • Not fast enough to ride on slopes.


Razor E300S

Razor E300s Seated Electric Scooter

The Razor E300S is a good choice in its segment. Claiming to have an ultra- quite chain system, the scooter delivers high torque powertrain. The motor is powerful enough to deliver a speed of 15 mph and a lasting charge for 40 minutes of continuous use. The body is made of high-quality material. Powered by a 24V lead acid battery, it is light yet strong. The electric scooter takes about 8 hours to be ready for use and can pull off about 200 pounds on a flat terrain.


  • Easy to assemble package
  • Retractable rear stand
  • Excellent speed for its category
  • Removable riding seat


  • Low pickup, gives up on slopes


Pulse Performance Products GRT-11  – Cheap Electric Standup Scooter

Pulse Performance

Made out of a steel chassis and sturdy material, the GRT-11 is an example of a strong body. Driven by an 80 watt, chain coupled drive, this 12V power system can boost up your speed to 8mph lasting a bit less than an hour in ideal conditions. It can be seen as a product that defines transition, of kick scooters to electric scooters. It has the brake switch ion in the rear to cut power when engaged.


  • High tensile body
  • Impressive backup
  • Good designing
  • Great scooter for its price point
  • Stable and safe for kids


  • Lacks suspension for smooth travel

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If you’re looking for something that’s easy in your pocket, the electric scooter can be your right choice. These scooters are motor propelled two-wheelers, and you can ride one on the road easily. The gearless vehicles are battery powered, non-polluting and cost-efficient. And they are perfect for kids as well, with many of these electric scooters having a top speed of around 15 mph.

If you’re looking to save on carbon footprint or are looking for the perfect gift for your child, do not forget to take a look at one of these. Many of these scooters can work as normal scooters as well, and you can either use the electric mode or the normal mode. If you do not travel much, or your workplace is nearby, you can use one of these easily. Your kids could even use one of these to go to their school. With no fossil fuel burnt, you’d know that you’re doing your bit to keep the environment as fresh as ever. After reading our reviews you should now be able to pick the best electric scooter that can suit both your requirements and your pockets.

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